Client: FoneBase Labs
Category: UI/UX Design, Branding
Year: 2017

Writerack is the best way to twettstom, allowing users to go beyond Twitter's 140 character limit while keeping a coherent narrative. With over 5,000 users, my role was to redesign the user experiences of the existing platform while considering new features. I was also to redesign the logo for a stronger and unique brand identity.

Writerack 22xWriterack 22x
Initial Screen2xInitial Screen2x
Settings Overlay2xSettings Overlay2x

The Logo

The icon and wordmark I designed symbolises the concept of a thread; individual tweets have a form but each tweet needs the previous and next one to fully make sense and form a thread.

Writerack DetailsWriterack Details
Writerack FullWriterack Full
Writerack 1Writerack 1